The 9 types of women's pants to set the trend

The world of fashion is constantly changing, and this directly affects, as it may be otherwise, women's clothing items. Pants are an essential item of clothing for any female wardrobe, but… Do you really know all the types of pants for women?</ p>

Discover the 9 most fashionable types of women's pants today with this complete list:

Flared Pants

Flared pants were recently surpassed by skinny or slim-fit pants. Flare pants were a trend in the 70s, and had some success in the 90s.

Currently they are being reintroduced into women's wardrobes due to the return of this fashion. These pants are mostly jeans with a loose cut from the knees, although you can also find flared pants that are not jeans type.

Straight Pants

Straight pants are those pants that never go out of style, although they can be temporarily surpassed by the trends of each era, such as flared pants or skinny pants at their respective times.

These pants are characterized by remaining with a straight cut from the waist to the ankles.

Straight pants for women can be jeans, corduroy or a light fabric, and can be combined with any top garment, depending on the look you want to wear at any given time.

Skinny or Skinny Pants

Who doesn't have skinny pants in their closet? These pants were a trend in women's fashion recently and their use continues to persist.

The skinny pants are characterized by having a tight cut from the waist to the ankles, and they are also very mobile thanks to the elasticity they provide. They can be made of any material, and can be combined depending on the look you want to wear.


Cargo Pants

Inspired by military uniforms, cargo pants for women are urban and informal garments, but they can also be combined with a sweater to give a more elegant touch.

They are characterized by having relatively large pockets along the length of the pants and an elastic cut at the ankles.


Jogger pants are associated with a more sporty look, but this trend is changing in the world of women's fashion and they are increasingly used for more formal or elegant outfits.

Their main feature is the incorporation of elastic in the ankles, making them completely comfortable and warm in cold weather. They can be found in different fabrics, although joggers are generally made of cotton, corduroy, wool or tweed.


Leggings or Tights

If Joggers are pants associated with sports, leggings are the sports pants for women par excellence.

They are extremely comfortable, and are very useful for going to the gym, running or being at home, although they are also used for both formal and informal looks, although their use has been declining in recent years.

They are made of cotton or any light material and their main characteristics are their elasticity and mobility.


Capri pants

If you want to wear an elegant look, capri pants are the choice to choose. They have a slim fit slightly above the ankle, ideal for wearing with shoes.

On top they can be combined with a jacket and a shirt, in neutral colors such as black or grey.

High Waisted Pants

High-waisted pants are one of the most common in women's fashion. Given their fame, they can be found in jeans or other fabrics or types of pants.

These pants are perfect for styling the female body, so every woman should have at least some high-waisted pants in her closet.

Tiro Alto


Shorts are the quintessential feminine pants for the warmer seasons. They can be found mostly in jeans, but also in other types of materials.

Which pants identify most with your look? Do not hesitate to leave us your comments about what type of women's pants is your favorite.

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