The 7 types of pants that every man should have

Despite the amount of clothes we have at our disposal today, when a person puts on clothes to go to work or go to class, they automatically think of jeans.

The only doubts that may arise are the type of footwear or the upper part to wear.

However, there is a very wide variety of types pants for men with which to differentiate yourself from others.


The jeans</ a> are the most used and therefore the most famous. The quality of the material or the comfort it provides are some of the keys to the success of this type of pants, and that is that jeans can be worn for any event, achieving a casual look.

In addition, there are several types of cut so that every man feels comfortable when wearing this type of garment

  • Skinny
  • Straight
  • Width
  • Strip high and low shot

“Cargo” pants

The origin of "cargo" pants dates back to the early 20th century when the British Army wore them as a uniform.

Already in the 90s, these pants set a trend in men's fashion, and now, 30 years later, cargo pants are once again being placed in the most stylish men's wardrobes.

Men's cargo pants can be worn casually or given a more elegant look. If you want to wear them with style, you should avoid wearing them with a t-shirt or polo shirt, but with a shirt or a jersey in colder times.

Chinese Pants

The “chino” pants</ a> It is called in such a way because these pants were traditionally made with a very dense cotton from China. To choose your definitive chino pants there are 2 very important aspects:

  • Pants must have at least 5 pockets
  • The fabric of the trousers must be made of mercerized cotton

The most common color for this garment is khaki, but currently the range of colors that can be found for these pants is very wide, so the color you decide to choose is a matter of personal taste.</p >

Jogger Pants

The men's joggers were related to the sporty style due to the loose silhouette and the slim fit that it showed. These pants are characterized by their comfort, which makes them an extremely comfortable garment.

Thanks to the influence of trends, jogger pants for men have become an option for other styles contrary to sports, due largely to the different fabrics that we can find such as wool, corduroy or tweed.</p >


The sweatpants</a > is the must-have garment for all sports lovers. These pants, like joggers, provide essential comfort for this type of more sporty garment. Sweatpants must be slim fit, and must be black or navy blue.

Although it is not a very stylish garment, if it is combined in the right way, these pants can achieve a casual look with which men can set trends and feel comfortable. This type of pants is also often used to go to class or study due to the great comfort it provides.

Wide Pants

When men had adapted to the trend of skinny pants, a new wide-leg pants trend.

These pants have not yet managed to outperform those with a slim fit, but thanks to world-renowned firms such as Vetements or Bottega Veneta they are one step closer to dressing men with broader and lighter measures such as wide-leg pants.< /p>

Linen Pants

The linen pants are par excellence the summer pants for men. The way to combine this type of pants is very classic, with a sailor-inspired sweater and espadrilles monback skin color With these pants you will get a casual as well as elegant look.

Which pants identify more with your look? Do not hesitate to leave us your comments about what type of men's pants is your favorite.

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