What are the trendy backpacks for this season?

Is your backpack already worn out? Do you need another, but do not know which one to choose? You may be wondering which are the most fashionable backpacks and what are in trend this season.

Therefore, in this article we show you some of the best brands and models of the most fashionable backpacks today so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and go to the latest this season.

What backpack options exist to be fashionable?

And it is a accessory that is practically a companion for everyone from an early age, both for transporting books to school, for short and long trips, sports activities and countless other uses. They allow us to transport everything and it is an item that is always present in our lives.

That is why many brands have worked over the years on different models of backpacks, making substantial changes in functionality and redesigning their elements to offer each time a better product for each situation or need, which you can also find in different colors and sizes according to your needs.

The world of fashion for accessories has made backpacks become a basic and essential in urban style and in the lives of many. The drawback is that the greater the variety, the more difficult the choice is made. It is a headache when we are looking for something in particular, we have many options and we do not want to make mistakes or spend money for something that we are not going to use again.

For this reason, here we give you some of the outstanding fashion backpack models for this season.

  • One of the best designs on the market for backpacks and one of the most fashionable backpacks are the roll-up canvas backpacks by Johnny Urban, a model that has taken many European capitals by storm. Loved for its peculiar feature of being able to roll up and unroll when you want the top to take up less space.
  • In the same way, we have another favorite model especially among the female audience, such as the famous Carhartt backpack bags. An elegant and exclusive accessory that is having a big hit this season.

Both good options for everyday use that help you simplify many things by carrying everything with great style and elegance.

Other fashion models and backpacks that are on the lips of many and on the backs of not so many, since they fly every time these brands take out new stock, are:

  • The Herschel Portrait Backpack, a fully equipped backpack for each compartment for your things, has a padded space especially for the computer and perfect to withstand blows, the plus of this backpack are the beautiful straps leather that gives it an elegant and sophisticated touch, perfect to go to classes, work or simply for your daily life.
  • Our favourite, the KANKEN Unisex Backpack, an elegant and practical backpack, what makes this backpack fall in love with are the different compartments of all sizes and the great thing is that they come in 28 different colors for everyone's taste.
  • The Saint Maniero designer backpack is a model that, in addition to being fashionable, has the perfect size for daily use and offers great functionality thanks to its characteristic adjustable straps< /li>
  • EverVanz laptop backpack this is another of the roll-up backpacks that have appeared in recent times, the only thing that has a much more youthful appearance than any other model, and offers laptop transport as a priority functionality. It has anti-theft clips that allow you to store your laptop safely. It also has a lot of different colors.
  • Rains Roll Top, only its name says it, anti-rain specialty. One of the most demanded roll-up backpacks for its waterproofness and comfort to carry the computer without worries. In addition, it has a locking system to carry it on a bicycle without any problem.
  • Vaschy college backpack, are one of the best known classic backpack models in the world. The backpacks of a lifetime with just what is necessary. Without a doubt, its most outstanding feature is the padded straps to protect the shoulders. They also have a wide range of colors to match your outfit.

Current fashion increasingly mixes Urban Street with Classy, ​​achieving combinations that reflect great elegance and versatility.

Urban backpacks are in fashion and conquering the international market and it is not surprising. These types of backpacks have become so popularfashion due to their novel design characteristics and specific functionality, since they provide greater comfort and are of great importance depending on the use to be made of them.

In fact, these accessories are no longer seen as simple accessories and have become essential to carry our things safely and with style along with other related accessories such as shoulder bags and bags.

Without a doubt, backpacks are favorites and essentials for life, and at The Animal Soul Brands we know it well. For this reason, we have a wide range of branded backpacks so that you can find the fashionable backpack you were looking for. In addition, we will advise you personally and you can enjoy free shipping in 24 or 48 hours in the peninsula.

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